Heart-Healthy Nutrients For Athletes – It’s Important

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A healthy heart is important for everyone. Nowadays, we know that cardiac arrest is the number one killer among women. This is a frightening statistic. While heart health is important to everyone, there are some groups that need to be more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle – including diet and exercise.

An athlete should burn more calories and put more pressure on his heart and as a result, should be aware of what to put in their body for maximum intake.

For some time, many people, including athletes, have looked to vitamin supplements to help them find a healthy heart. However, looking at the whole food and things courtesy of Mother Nature is still the best way to go.

Whole Grains

Cereals that are rich in fiber and unspecified are your best source for heart-healthy fiber. Starting your morning with an unexpected whole grain, you begin to fill your day with energy, as well as feeling full. Whole grains come in many varieties.

* Quinoa

* Steel-cut oatmeal

* Cereals, bread, and muffins

Whole grains also offer many benefits:

* Keep you longer

* Lower your cholesterol

* Keep your heart healthy

* Give you plenty of energy

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids, also known as essential fatty acids, are important for athletes because these fatty acids give an athlete a strong healthy heart. These omega 3s provide benefits such as:

* Low in bad cholesterol

* Keep the joints flexible and running

* Low risk of heart attack

Some foods contain essential fatty acids and omega-3:

* Flaxseed

* Olive oil

* Salmon

* Almonds

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are important for the overall health and well-being of everyone; However, these are even more important for active athletes. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide an opportunity for an athlete to lower bad cholesterol. It helps prevent stroke instead. When an athlete is in training or performance, he or she should be most concerned about having a stroke due to high blood pressure.

Since there are different types of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is so easy to include them in your daily routine. If you are not accustomed to the taste of oatmeal, adding fresh strawberries or blueberries and a little honey will give it the added taste with the benefits of fresh fruit. Best as a raw vegetable snack.

Incorporating healthy grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fiber into an athlete’s daily health system is a smart choice. When you are training your body outside, it is important to pay attention to what you have inside.

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