Heart Screening: It’s Not Just For Adults

When you think of heart screening, there is a tendency to look at someone over the age of 50 who needs a test. However, in some cases, screening adolescents for heart disease is just as important as it is for adults. We’ve all heard stories about a healthy teenager collapsing on an athletic field and, … Read more

4 Drug-Free Strategies To Protect The Heart

There are many ways to help prevent heart disease in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle. Heart disease is the leading cause of death but it cannot be a cause of your life. Here are five strategies to protect the heart from heart disease. 1. Smoking Or Consuming Tobacco Smoking or other tobacco products are … Read more

How To Build A Heart Healthy Home?

Like any other venture, you need to think carefully and take some steps to make your home heart-healthy. You will want to keep everyone in your home on board from the start. Here are a few tips to get you started on your heart-healthy home endeavor. Here are a few: Include Teamworks Once you’ve decided … Read more

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy?

Often, you will see an article that declares that the number one killer of women is not breast cancer. It is heart disease. Much emphasis has been placed on this today; However, men need to be just as conscious about their heart health. For many men, getting older and gaining weight seems to go hand … Read more