Age Is Just A Number! This 90-Year-Old Woman Drives Car Like A Pro

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New Delhi: You must have seen and heard people driving two-wheelers and four-wheelers insanely fast. Some drive for their hobbies and some for their day to day work. In the Village of Bilavali, about 7 kilometers from the city in Dewas in Madhya Pradesh, a 90-year-old woman Resham-Bai rides her car in a way only trained driver drives their. A video of Resham Bai driving her car has been recently going viral on social media.

The video clearly showed how fast Resham Bai raced her car on the road. Resham bai, like today’s age, uses Android phones but feeds the cows as well.. Surprisingly, Resham Bai has also driven a tractor in the past.

At the age of 90, Resham bai does all her work by her own self. After getting up in the morning and doing housework she performs her morning puja and goes to the temple and also to the field.

Resham Bai has three sons and two daughters. All of them are married and Resham Bai also fulfills the responsibility of being the maternal and paternal grandmother. Resham Bai’s son is 55 years old. Her grandchildren and granddaughters are between 25 and 30 years of age. Resham Bai expressed her desire of driving a car to her sons after driving the tractor but at the condition that she wanted to own her own car.

Watching everyone use a touchscreen mobile she then desired one for her as well. Which then followed by her getting an android.

She learned how to drive a car within just 3 months. Her son himself taught her how to drive. She didn’t prefer to learn and nor has she learned driving through a trained driver or going to any driving school. And now Resham Bai knows how to drive a car better than a veteran driver.


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