4 Heart-Healthy Tips For women – Stay Heart Healthy

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Most women are unaware of this fact, but breast cancer is not the number one deadly disease in women; It is heart disease. Equipped with this fact, women today need to be more attracted to their bodies, what they put in them and how they use them.

The lives of women today are much different than they were a generation ago. Women are working and managing their families. There is also the advent of single motherhood in today’s society. Putting all this pressure on women, it’s no surprise that heart disease is among their number one killer.

Time Is A Woman’s Best Friend

Have you ever noticed that a lot of women today are shopping for food, talking on their cell phones, and tending to a small child while writing something? Women today specialize in multi-tasking. But what is the end?

A woman has the super-heroic ability to find time for everyone and everything that comes to the most important woman in her life – herself.

Finding time to develop good habits is essential not only for a woman’s health but also for the health of her family. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will take care of your family?


Look for a few extra minutes in the morning to throw some healthy snacks in your bag. It could be something as simple as a few carrot sticks or some nuts and grapes. Perhaps shopping for these extra healthy snacks and putting them to work in a separate bag on a Sunday evening will be enough to get you off the right foot of the week.


Common sense tells us that exercise is important. A great way to start one hour per week. One hour per week is not a huge promise and will enjoy the benefits of health as well as attitude. You will probably notice that you will feel better after an hour and want to do it more.

In bright red pens, set aside an hour each week for the time you are going to exercise, even if it is a shaky walk during lunch.

And if there are any stairs that you can take instead of using the elevator, do it. Leave yourself five minutes extra time for work. When the weather is nice, get off at a subway or bus stop and take a short walk.

Be accountable to your sister, your husband, your child, or your best friend. Include these in your commitments and hold them accountable to you.


Once you get some kind of cardio included in your lifestyle, you will want to do more of it yourself. Cardio has many benefits for better sleep than heart health.

With all these benefits, why not really worry about your loved ones and put your to-do list on your to-do list today!

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